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Coach Kash

Who's Coach Kash

Kash is the owner of CoachKash LLC and has worked with dozens of clients and individuals to reach their fitness goals. With a passion for strength, hypertrophy, anatomy, and fat loss science, Kash specializes in 1on1 individualized fitness coaching and programming around losing fat, gaining muscle, or body recomposition. With 7+ years of training and 2+ years of coaching, Kash is here to deliver everything needed for a client to reach their ambitions. Book a FREE consultation call today to begin your transformation!


Kash's exercise videos have helped me, especially the one on rows- I can feel more lat activation and less shoulder pain. Regarding diet, Kash gave me tips with carb timing that have helped me quite a bit. I am gaining weight and feel more energetic after my workouts. Thank you man, I appreciate it. - Jack

I have been working out consistently for 8 months. In that time I went from a 50kg squat to 120kg. 2 plate deadlift to easy 3 plate. Bench up 15kgs. This was thanks to Kash and his programming, accountability, and supervision. - Induh

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